The Data Cleansing Manager (DCM) is to clean up the integrated solutions. It is a highly professional software tool for batch cleansing and enhancement database. The DCM supports intelligent merge purge, casing the name splitting etc. It incorporates the sophisticated matching engine for unrivalled results.
System Architecture

The DCM is designed as a single application running on any Unix machine. It will take advantage of X-Windows architecture to assist in the implementation of the application. Figure-1 shows a high level architectural diagram of the DCM.
The DCM consist of three major components, they are Client, Server, and Database. Throughout this document the client is referred as GUI Manager and Server is the TM (Transaction Manager).

The current development scope involved to provide the user interface to build and perform data cleansing activities like deletion of duplicate records from the selected tables, build new business constraints on tables specified, perform the tuning of the database to the optimal level. Generate new scripts to develop new triggers on tables which implements complex business logic while the data is inserted in to the tables initially. Import and export of the valid business data into the database and checks for the validity of the data imported or exported.
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